This is Jinx's character


Moonstone is a lanky gem. He has very long legs and arms, but isn't very muscular. His hands are rather large, and callused. His feet are large too, more then they should be for his size. He has a sky blue complexion, his cheeks are slightly darker then the rest of his face. This is likely because of sunburn. He  has snowy white hair, that's very soft and fluffy. He has teal eyes, and he has a big nose. He wears large, circular rimmed glasses. He also has a baby blue visor, but he doesn't use it very much. He wears a teal turtleneck sweater, and dark blue jeans. He has black dress shoes on too. He sometimes wears Star Wars t shirts, and wears long blankets to be a "blanket ghost".


Moonstone is a huge dork, being into Star Wars and many other nerdy and dorky things. He tends to be very quiet and reserved, often lost in thought. He's a very caring gem, not wanting anyone to get hurt. He'll even find a calm, civil way to end something rather then ending it with violence. He's very hard to get angry or riled, but when he does, it's reccomended to get out. While Moon is like this now, he wasn't before. Moon is a generally very careful gem, if he's given something sensitive, he'll take the best care of it he can. He doesn't like to hurt feelings or be rude or aggresive. He rarley even curses. Moon is very sensitive, and that's not always a good thing. He's horrified of certain homeworld gems, and hates loud noises. He's morbidly scared of things that are unclear, and he detests sounds of pain and suffering.

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