This is Jinx's character


Purple Topaz is a tall gem, standing at 9 ft tall. She's slim, but still strong. Her skin is a soft light purple, it fades to a slightly darker purple on her forearms. She's got small scars on her hands and on the tops of her forearms. Her nose has a much larger scar going across the bridge of it. Her eyes are pure black, with white pupils and iris', although, they can change colours. Her hair is a dark purple, with lavender streaks when it hits sun light. Her hair is long, although shorter on one side. Her back teeth are very sharp, for some reason. Her legs are fairly long, even though her arms are longer then they should be for her stature. She wears a thin, lavender vest, with the dark purple collar up. There's a grey tank top underneath. She has dark purple, almost black pants, with high top sneakers on. She wears black fingerless gloves on too!


Purple Topaz is a kind, caring gem, even if it's hard to see at times. She'd never pick a fight with someone who didn't do anything or didn't deserve it. She can be extremely hot headed, and quick to snap at people she highly dislikes or hates, even going to seek them out for a fight. Purple Topaz has a comedic side, often joking around with Moonstone, Labradorite and Hessonite. She can be lazy, sometimes preferring to stay at home and watch T.V. then going on a mission, but she does what she needs to do. She has a inherited leader skill, from points not yet told. Purpy will put herself in front of danger and her team, not wanting them to get hurt. She's very smart, often reading and doing puzzle games. She's a big nerd for games and T.V or Movies. If she's hurt, she tends to brush it off. Purple Topaz has severe PTSD, she doesn't sleep because of it. She's also insecure, and is horrified of certain gems on homeworld.